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Becoming a Student

Date:  12/13/09

Speaker:  Pastor Daniel Hahn

Title:  Becoming a Student

Scripture:  1 Timothy 4:12

Synopsis:  Before you criticize something you don't understand, become a student.  Once you become a student, then you have the right to criticize--but not before.

Special thanks to Leo Laporte and Andy Stanley for the ideas, inspiration, and resources.


Empowerment for the Church

Date:  12/6/09

Speaker:  Pastor Doug Brown

Title:  Empowerment for the Church

Scripture:  Acts 4:31-33

Synopsis:  The modern church can have the same power as the early church but must go to the same Source.


Holding Hands With God

Date:  11/29/09

Speaker:  Pastor Doug Brown

Title:  Holding Hands With God

Scripture:  Hebrews 8:9

Synopsis:  1)  The blessings,  2) The benefits,  3) The bond


Living a life of Thanksgiving

Date:  11/22/09

Speaker:  Pastor Doug Brown

Title:  Thanksgiving Can Change Your Life

Scripture:  Psalm 118:1

Synopsis:  Our lives can be transformed from one of griping and complaining to one of joy and thanksgiving.

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